Reading Conferences allow teachers to meet with students during independent reading time to monitor student reading, guide teacher instruction and assess student progress.

Reasons for Conferring

  • See if students are choosing Just Right Books
  • Monitor comprehension, fluency, decoding and stamina
  • Give teacher feedback
  • Differentiate instruction
  • Encourage students to share their thinking
  • Guide students in creating reading goals
  • Learn students' book choice interests
  • Get to know your students

IS Resources


Conferring with Boys by Mark Brand - 15553-5
The Joy of Conferring: One-On-One with Young Readers by Debbie Miller - 15565-5
Student-Involved Conferences featuring Dr. Anne Davies & Dr. Rick Stiggins - 15569-5

Professional Books

Reading Essentials by Regie Routman - 372.4 ROU

Web Resources

Scholastic Teacher-Student Conferencing Form
  • Link to a generic form to use for conferencing.
Literacy Matters - Conferring with Students
  • An explanation of assessment while conferring along with many other links to helpful conferring sites.
Talk About a Community - Teacher-Student Conferences
  • Contains 2 video clip demonstrations
Jennifer Myers-Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Scroll down for great clips of one-on-one reader's conferences.